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We are closed for the Christmas Break, our services will reopen on the 15th January 2024. 


We would like to invite you and your colleagues to a seminar to share a few different lenses to help understand brain injury and how it can impact an individual and their whānau. 

Speakers are:

  • Associate Professor Kelly Jones (AUT)
    An introduction to mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in tamariki in Aotearoa New Zealand, prevention strategies and supporting recovery.

  • Bobbie Bryce, MSc Hons Cog Psych, BSc, Dip RE.
    An introduction to the cognitive perspective in psychology focuses on how the interactions of thinking, emotion, creativity, and problem-solving abilities affect how and why you think the way you do. This will be an interactive workshop where you will practising strategies and exercises to improve brain connections.

  • NeuroConnect Directors - Jenna Bagley (Physiotherapist) and Sarah Lillas (Occupational Therapist) Importance of community rehabilitation after a brain injury and what community rehabilitation looks like (Non ACC).

  • Dr Muthu and Dr Timmings
    Brain injury from a neurosurgeon and neurologist perspective

  • Paula Moneypenny, MCouns (first class Honours), Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision, MNZAC
    Compassion Focussed Therapy through a trauma-informed lens: How CFT can be utilised to support emotional adjustment post-injury for patients/clients who have experienced Traumatic Brain Injuries.

  • Neuro Functional Wellbeing: Paul Hellings, complementary health practitioner 
    Rebooting the brain’s operating system after a concussion (To reboot is to reload the operating system of a computer: to start it up again. Booting is starting a computer's operating system, so rebooting is to start it for a second or third time. Rebooting is usually necessary after a computer crashes, meaning it stops working because of a malfunction.)

When: Friday , 1 November 2024
Time: 9am to 3pm 
Where: Event Space of Agora Cafe, 13 Kent Street. Frankton
Cost: $120.00 (including light lunch) 

To register:

Register online using button below


email admin@braininjurywaikato.org.nz with the following information:

1. Name & surname
2. Contact phone number
3. Certificate of attendance required Y/N
4. Please advise of any dietary requirements


Please Register by 2nd October 2024, spaces will be limited

Phone: 07 8391191 or 022 381 2369

Email: admin@braininjurywaikato.org.nz



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