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Navigation service 

The charity was formed in 1981 by a group of parents, partners and other carers to provide support in the community post injury. The need for support & navigation continues today. In the early stages of a brain injury people often seek advice, request assistance and support to reconnect with the community. 

Our team can help you navigate this landscape and to refer you to expert advice. 

Some common navigation areas:

  • The health system and where to go
    In the first instance, this will usually mean going to see a doctor. If your brain injury is an accident, then we would urge you to insist the doctor register your claim with ACC. You must lodge a claim about your injury to get assistance from ACC.

  • Understanding the ACC process
    We can talk through the process with you but we recommend utilising Wayfinders, which is a free service that is designed specifically to navigate ACC.  Go to Wayfinders website

  • If your brain injury is the result of a medical event
    If you have had a stroke, aneurysm, tumour or infection, if you haven't already, we would recommend seeing your doctor. You won’t ordinarily be eligible for ACC but your doctor should refer you to specialist public health service at your local hospital.

  • Information about the effects of brain injury
    Your doctor should be able to give you information about brain injury. You can contact Brain Injury Waikato to speak with our team for more information. A need for understanding what a brain injury is and the possible consequences often only becomes apparent after visiting the doctor. Brain Injury Waikato is here to answer your concerns. If we can't assist you directly, we will endeavor to refer you to someone who can.

  • Community Connections
    Brain injury can affect people and their families in different ways. Sometimes it can be difficult to adjust to life after a brain injury and having someone to talk too can be helpful.  Brain Injury Waikato runs monthly support groups. Click to see support group information If you are looking for a sense of connection and community there are several community groups that we can connect you with.

    Some community organisations are: 

    Arts for health - Art and welbeing
    Men's shed


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