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I'm a heading for your story

This paragraph is an introduction teaser for the longer text below it to draw the reader in so they are less overwhelmed by all of the text being the same size. By flowing from large text to smaller text you create contrast to keep the reader engaged.

This section is a way to tell a longer story about your business. The heading and intro paragraph will draw readers in to read the full story. This stack would more suit an internal page but it could also be included on a home page. Think about aspects of your business story that will help build trust with visitors — like how long you've been in business, where you're located, the reason why you started in business and who some of the key business owners or team members are.

By breaking into multiple paragraphs it makes the text feel less overwhelming than if it were one extra long paragraph. The design is slightly offset to the left to emphasis the left edge margin in the design. You could extend this section to 3-4 paragraphs but beyond that it would be best to introduce a new section with another heading.


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